A Few Updates From The Thrash World!

There has been a whole bunch of things going on in the world of thrash metal as of late. From break-ups to new material and everything in between. Get caught up with some of the latest news below!

It saddens me to write this but it is indeed true, after a very turbulent 25 year career Australian thrashers Mortal Sin have decided to call it quits once and for all. You may have read the interview I did recently with Dave Tinelt, who was the newest member of the band filling the role of vocalist late last year. In the interview Dave talked about the upcoming Mortal Sin release and seemed very excited about it. So to read about the bands break up just days later really caught me by surprise and to say I was bummed might just be the biggest understatement ever. You can read the statement Mortal Sin released regarding the bands break up at this location.

On a much happier note, LA thrashers Bonded by Blood have released a new track off the bands upcoming third album “The Aftermath.” The track “Repulsive” (which can be heard below) is definitely different than anything the band has done in the past and after listening to it I’m officially excited to hear what else the band has in store for it’s fans on their upcoming release. The Aftermath is due out this summer but you can preorder Bonded by Blood’s new album at the following locations: North America and Europe.

The mighty Kreator recently released the title track to their upcoming album “Phantom Antichrist” and just the other day the band released an official music video for the track! Not much to be said here other than THE KREATOR HAS RETURNED! Check out the video below and be sure to pre-order Kreator’s new album at the following locations: North America and Europe.

Sticking with the German thrash legend theme, Sodom have announced the release of a very special 30th anniversary box set entitled “30 Years Sodomized: 1982-2012.” The box set will include posters, postcards, stickers and a 32 page CD booklet that covers the bands history along side a double CD that spans the entire career of the band as well as a live bootleg. 30 years is longer than I’ve been a live and this killer box set is definitely a great way to commemorate such an achievement! Get the full details on this upcoming release at this location!

This last bit of news comes as a surprise to me. I think we all know about the spider bite that Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman suffered a while back that has sidelined him from playing with the band. However the thing that surprised me was just how bad things got for the Slayer axe slinger. After waking up from a medically-induesd coma, learning how to walk again, a series of painful skin grafts and intense physical therapy Hanneman is still not ready to return to the band full time. Although he is showing promising signs of recovery when Hanneman will make his return remains a question. Continuing to fill in for Hanneman will be Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. However in order to help his buddies out on the upcoming Mayhem Fest, Holt will be forced to miss this summers tour dates with Exodus. Fear not though, Exodus has a real treat for their fans, long time Exodus guitarist Rick Hunolt will be rejoining the band to fill in for Gary Holt! Feel free to re-read that last sentence because when I first read the news I had to re-read it several times. After fully grasping what I just read I then had to pick my jaw up off the floor!
Read Slayer’s update on Jeff Hanneman at this location, and your definitely going to want to read more about this Summers Exodus tour featuring Rick Hunolt at this location!

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