REVIEW: NADIMAC – Po Kratkom Postupku

A while back I received an email from a cross-over band from the country of Serbia called Nadimac. The band was in search of a label. After explaining to the band I’m just a mere blogger with a passion for thrash Nadimac asked me to review their second album Po Kratkom Postupku and I’m glad they did!

Combining everything there is to love from the hardcore, punk and thrash genres Nadimac are a band that a lot of people should have no problem falling in love with. From the first track to the last Nadimac display that they are a band that knows how to write and execute killer crossover. One of my favorite aspects of Po Kratkom Postupku would be the vocalist speaking in his native tongue and displaying his wide range which feature anything from high pitched squeals to demonic growls and everything in between.

Musically the band is nothing short of neck breaking. As much as I love head banging it’s not something I would ever attempt with a band like Nadimac, this band literally plays at break neck speeds. The drumming is executed at BPM that are entirely to fast to count. Equally fast would be the killer axe attack that delivers some pretty solid riffs and a few impressive solos along the way.

Although I find this kind of music enjoyable there may be people out there who may find themselves “over whelmed” with the bands no hold bar thrash attack, however it all depends on your taste.

BOTTOM LINE: Nadimac have created a down right killer crossover album with Po Kratkom Postupku. This album is unrelenting in just about every way. However depending on your taste you may find this album over-whelming but if you enjoy fast as hell music then you should have no complaints with Po Kratkom Postupku.

Overall: 85/100

Po Kratkom Postupku was released through the Bejing based label Area Death Productions, however the band is now in search of a new label to release their third album, so if you’re in the business check ’em out!

For more on Nadimac be sure to check the band out on Facebook!

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