Blackened Thrash Warriors Will Bury You In A MOUNTAIN GRAVE!

Mountain Grave are a pretty complex band. Saying these blackened thrash warriors are geographically diverse is an understatement. The band is based in Indiana but also employs members from Chicago and Philadelphia as well. Although miles apart the band comes to together and delivers a killer form of metal that can and should be enjoyed by every fan of extreme music.

The bands latest album entitled “Rage and Ruin” features aspects of death and black metal which are then fused together and given a large dose of thrash. The album features a cornucopia of vocals ranging any where from black metal squeals to death metal growls and throwing in some punk like wails along the way. Throughout Rage and Ruin Mountain Grave show they aren’t afraid to add some diversity to their music but one thing that remains consistent throughout the album is the bands ability to deliver killer music. With fast speeds the band delivers some really nice riffs and devastating blast beats throughout each of the songs on Rage and Ruin. With an uncompromising intensity Mountain Grave will literally get you off your ass and have your raging in your living room in no time. With such brutality I ask you…what’s not to like?

Check out some of the bands songs on YouTube and you can hear a track off the upcoming Mountain Grave EP “The Ancient Disease” at this location! Also be sure to check out the short film below which features some of Mountain Grave’s killer tunes!

For more information on Mountain Grave you can check the band out on Facebook, and while your there show them some love and give ’em a ‘like.’  

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