We all know I love Italian thrash metal, the bands coming from this country are just blowing my mind. It’s also no secret that I love EBM Records, with their recent signings of bands like Bludvera, Nuclear Omnicide, Animator and now Randomorder, my head has been spinning trying to keep up with this label. Now imagine my excitement when I discovered the Italian thrash band Sofisticator on the EBM roster!

Hailing from Firenze, Italy Sofisticator are a relatively new band that has taken the scene by storm! Taking influences from bands like Exodus, Slayer, Overkill and Venom, Sofisticator are on a mission to keep the old-school spirit alive with their vicious thrash attack! After listening to the bands debut album “Camping the Vein” it’s easy to say mission accomplished. Featuring delicious riffs that will leave your ears craving more and solos that are so shredtasic are they’ll melt your face off, Sofisticator have indeed delivered the goods with their debut album!

However the guitar work isn’t the only thing that stands out on this release, the drumming on Camping the Vein is equally fast and just as skillful with various drum patterns and the double bass drum assault reaches speeds well above average. Just as deadly is Sofisticator’s thunderous bass which will hit you like a freight train and leave you screaming for more!

Although the band is all about old-school face melting thrash, their production is far from old-school. Some bands that share Sofisticator’s passion for old-school metal will intentionally give their album poor quality to give their sound that “old-school feel,” however Sofisticator do the opposite. Camping the Vein can be enjoyed in the best possible quality. As it should be!

BOTTOM LINE: Sofisticator have created an old-school thrasher with their debut Camping the Vein. The great production quality allows you to hear the killer riffs, aggressive drumming and great solos with absolute clarity. There may be times where the bands influences become evident but overall Camping the Vein is an extremely enjoyable album that will have you banging your head and wanting more!

Overall: 90/100

You can order a copy of Sofisticator’s Camping the Vein from EBM Records at this location. For more on Sofisticator be sure to check out the bands official Facebook Page!

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