It’s Time To Get THRASHED!!

Thrashed is a band you might remember reading about on the first ever Global Thrash Assault Live Review Featuring Warbringer and Lich King. I was completely impressed by the performance of these Westchester thrashers and was stoked to get my hands on a free copy of the bands new EP!

After giving the bands latest release a spin I have to say, I’m totally impressed. The members of Thrashed are young, passionate, and completely committed to their craft. Featuring the ability to combine modern metal influences with the thrash fury of old, Thrashed attack you from all angels with their jaw dropping solos, head banging good riffs and drums of fury. Did I also mention this band is incredible live?  

Thrashed have recently released their debut music video (which can be viewed below) and it’s absolutely killer! If your looking to get Thrashed even further then you can check the band out on Facebook, and if you get the opportunity, see Thrashed live. You won’t be disappointed!

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