I discovered Bio-Cancer only a short time ago and immediately I found myself obsessed with the bands vicious form of thrash metal. After listening to only just a few of their tracks I was addicted to these Greek thrashers and once I discovered that Bio-Cancer would be releasing their debut album “Ear Piercing Thrash” words could not describe my excitement! I was fortunate enough to receive a promo of the highly anticipated “Ear Piercing Thrash” and to say I was like a kid on Christmas opening a much wanted new XBOX would be an understatement!

After listening to Ear Piercing Thrash this entire week I must admit, this is exactly what I expected to hear from Bio-Cancer! Right off the bat the band lets people know who they are and what they do with the chorus of the albums title track “We Are Bio-Cancer..We are after your ass with our Ear Piercing Thrash.” From there the album will bombard you with riffs that are catchy, addicting and down right killer, you’d have to be deaf not to bang your head to the tracks “Killing Habit” “Spread the Cancer” and “Backstabbed Again.” The drumming on this release is absolutely insane. Mind boggling fills and the sound of double bass drum that is reminiscent of machine gun fire can be heard throughout and the accompanying bass lines are nothing short of great. The screams of gang vocals can be heard on every track and after you listen to Ear Piercing Thrash a few times you’ll be screaming along every time one comes up! The main vocals of Bio-Cancer are unmistakable, vicious and harsh are just a few words that describe these demon screams that fit nicely with the aggressive nature of this band.

BOTTOM LINE: Bio-Cancer have delivered the goods with their debut album! All in all the album sounds good production wise which makes for an enjoyable listening experience. The solid music and gnarly as hell vocals make for a monstrous release that is like no other.

OVERALL: 95/100 

For more information on Bio-Cancer be sure to head on over to the bands official Facebook Page. 
Ear Piercing Thrash will be released on May 10th through Athens Thrash Attack so keep your eyes peeled!


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