INTERVIEW: Dave Tinelt Gives Us The Inside Scoop On All Things NEKROFEIST And Talks About His New Role In MORTAL SIN

Dave Tinelt has had a hunger for metal his entire life. In 2008 he decided to feed it by forming the band Nekrofeist. In 2010 these Australian thrashers released their first self titled EP that received great response and gathered the band a loyal following in Australia. A few years later Tinelt and crew were flying high and had just begun work on the first full length Nekrofeist album, when suddenly a phone call came that would change both Tinelt’s and Nekrofeist’s world in the best possible way. Aussie thrashers Mortal Sin were in need of a vocalist and Tinelt was the man they wanted. His decision came quick and Tinelt was announced as the new vocalist for thrash legends Mortal Sin. Suddenly the popularity of Nekrofeist began to sore on a world wide scale and Tinelt was in the thick of things. However throughout the life changing announcement about his new role in Mortal Sin and the soaring popularity Nekrofeist was receiving Tinelt had managed to remain grounded thought it all, he remains as passionate as the day he started and couldn’t be happier with the position he’s in.

All though extremely busy with his two bands Dave was kind enough to take the time and answer a few questions about Nekrofeist, his transition to Mortal Sin, what the future has in store for both bands and even talks about some killer bands coming from Australia.

GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT: First off I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time out and allowing me this opportunity, I know your pretty busy working with both Nekrofeist and Mortal Sin.
DAVE TINELT: Thanx dude no probs, its awesome to see guys like yourself out there feeding an endless appetite for metal to the masses, great work!
Tell me a little about the beginnings of Nekrofeist, how’d you guys get started?
Well it was a Frankenstein of mine that I wanted to create and bring to life after 6 years playing in a cover band, metal has always been in my blood and it really wasn’t long after I started to look elsewhere for musical satisfaction, that I got the whole ‘Now’s the time’ feeling to form my own metal troop, and in early 2008, after a couple of line up changes and stumbling bass riffs, I finally gave birth to a beautiful bouncing band called Nekrofeist (laughs).
The debut Nekrofeist EP is packed with a ton of groove and is downright aggressive, what are some of your influences as a band?
Mate the influences in this band is so extensive, we all bring something different but identical in the sense that we agree to play one style yet prefer to listen to various other styles, it just works. If I could throw names out there it would definitely be bands like Megadeth, Pantera, Machine Head and Corrosion of Conformity, but the list of diversity extends way beyond what you hear.
So Nekrofeist has their debut full length “Without Reserve or Regret” coming out sometime this year, do you guys have a time frame for the release?
We’re in the process of mixing at the moment, then the mastering process, the artwork is getting sorted and piece by piece it’s coming together nicely. We’re taking our time to make sure that our debut is brutal in every aspect, once WE’RE 100% happy with it then it’s good enough for our fans to devour. It’s hard to put a time on when it’s to be released and we don’t wanna pressure it into emancipation. You wont have to wait long… patience my friends.
Will you be releasing the album through a label?
We don’t know at this stage, we’ve been self sufficient up to this point, the EP generated quite a stir and were catching everything thats being thrown at us right now, we’re going to digest our options and as always go with the best interests of Nekrofeist.
It’s my understanding that the new album is going to be even heavier than the EP, so tell me – what can people expect from “Without Reserve of Regret?”
Ummmm well it could possibly be the last album for me if I get assassinated over the content in THIS one…. no I’m only joking (laughs). the lyrics in this album, like the EP are deliberately aimed at very controversial subjects, everything from the current shambles of the Australian family law legislation to the catastrophe that occurred in the Chernobyl incident, from the ongoing shit-storm between white and black Australia right down to unhealed wounds  boosting awareness for girls turning into drug fucked prostitutes, even my speculative ideas regarding religion and things unknown get a mention…. so yeah all these matters are designed to fuel arguments and piss people off. Apart from that, the music has a sweet mixture, very melodic and powerful, fast, slow, brutal and sombre, it has it all.. we’re all very happy with it.
Word is Nekrofeist is planning on touring once the album is released, do you guys have any plans to tour internationally or are you just touring down under for now?
Again it comes down to what is on offer…. we want to expand our audience and we definitely want to tour, at the moment we have ideas that we want to put into action, but like I said before we’ve got a few things to contemplate first, what ever decision we make will obviously have some bearing on where we go from here, we’ve done a lot of local shows now and we feel its time to spread our Nekro-wings and bring the live show to our fans where ever they may be.
You’re a busy man these days Dave, a few months back you were named the new vocalist of Mortal Sin, how did that come about?
Well we supported them back in I think it was august 2011, that was a  successful night and I apparently made a really good impression on the Sinners performance wise. When it came time that they needed a new singer, I was actually recording vocals for the new Nekro album. Rob (Nekro – bass) got a phone call from the promoter asking if I would do a few songs at the next show where Nekro was to support the Sinners once again…. thinking it was all a joke I said Yeah ok (laughs). Cut a long story short they needed someone full time and after just one audition they told me that if I want the job it’s mine, of course I said jokingly “Nah Get Fucked,” after a short chuckle there were man hugs all round, high fives and the new vocalist for Mortal Sin was driving home feeling pretty fucking good I can tell ya.
Mortal Sin is a pretty legendary band, were you a fan of the band growing up?
To be honest I only knew of them, but I didn’t really take much notice in Aussie metal as a whole, I was still wrapped up in what you guys (U.S.A.) were throwing at us here in Australia, I tell ya I got a lot more appreciation  for Aussie metal now and I’m trying to expose as much of it as I can cause we got some amazing young talent here.
How does it feel to be part of a band like Mortal Sin?
Fuck where do I start? It’s definitely an honour to go down in history as being part of these pioneers as far as Aussie metal’s concerned. It’s something I’ve always dreamed about, and all the blood, sweat and tears it took to get here has definitely all been worth it. And for me it’s not only the name that makes it special, the guys in the band are just fucking awesome, not only are they great and talented musicians, they made me feel right at home socially, this band and I just click. I’ve definitely made some great friends here amongst the Sinners.
After being named the new Mortal Sin vocalist you decided to stay with Nekrofeist, there are people who would of walked away and never look back but you decided to double your work load, why?
It’s simple. I’m never going to leave something I’ve created, it may have been a different story if I had joined the band at some point, but the Nekro-name will be a part of me forever. With the whole work load scenario, I just have to make sure in my diary that the dates don’t clash or I don’t double book, lets see how long it’ll be before I screw that up (laughs). Seriously though both bands know well ahead of time what shows are on the way and we all just work with that, we’re all flexible with changes etc, it’s quite a comfortable arrangement.
How has Nekrofeist benefited from your new role in Mortal Sin?
“Nekrofeist has gotten some great exposure from my transition to Mortal Sin, hence this interview (laughs) I mean you could be interviewing Steel Panther right now but you got me (laughs histerically) Steel Panther rocks by the way fuck yeeaahhhhh! Well Nekrofeist’s Facebook page went from 700 to 2500 likes overnight, I suppose theres those that like Nekrofeist now, but not me in Mortal Sin, I can respect that, after all I am the new vocalist and thats a very touchy subject for fans of any band but either way, it put Nekrofeist in a great light for exposure with the official press release being spread across the cyber world, sites like Blabbermouth were onto it and its just gone globally mental. Gone are the days of hoping someone will discover you on tape, it’s still all about getting off your ass and playing live and playing like you mean it no matter how shit you think you are, whats shit to you will be gold for someone else I guarantee that. Yeah the Nekro’s already had the hunger before I made the decision, only this time we got a bigger plate to eat from.
I absolutely loved the last Mortal Sin album – Psychology of Death, has work begun on the follow up album yet?
We got some awesome ideas blasting around and from what I hear so far it’s way out of control. I got a txt last nite from Luke (drummer) saying that THIS is going to be our Reign In Blood and everyone totally agrees with the direction we’re heading with this, fast paced, annihilating guitars downright rotten to the core tear your face off pure thrash.
You have a pretty wide vocal range, what role do you think this will play in on the upcoming Mortal Sin album?
Well I cant gauge the aggressiveness I’m going to utilize untill i get a feel for the songs, I’ve got everything in my arsenal ready to unload on the tracks and I think it will be well received, subject matter as well will come with where the music takes me emotionally, but the guys like what they hear and we’re all pretty excited.
Any chance we’ll see a Mortal Sin and Nekrofeist tour?
No. This was talked about early in the Nekro camp, I wont go into it but on my decision it was announced that Nekrofeist and Mortal Sin would not be sharing the stage. I thought about it and for my own reasons, I don’t think anyone could handle a whole frikkin nite of Dave screaming at them (laughs).
What’s the metal scene in Australia like? Do you have any favorite bands people should know about?
It’s definitely not like it used to be, our pubs are  turning into taverns, taverns introducing playgrounds, the next thing you know its a fucking day care centre (laughs). The metal scene that used to exist at most places is a dismal shadow under plastic beer glasses and slippery dips these days. In Australia generally the heart of metal is beating strong with some, I know I keep saying it but amazing talent, bands like Empirical and Temtris, both of which have gorgeous female singers with lungs from hell, I’m a sucker for any band that has THAT kinda setup (laughs) Arch Enemy? yeah big fan… even a very young local group like Flatliner, the singer Benji, had vocal skills far beyond most seasoned vocalists before he even left home and joined a band. All of these bands have something amazing to offer… oh I have to mention our mate Rob and the boys in Boundless, another great band. Theres so many awesome bands around and we need to show our support in any way we can….. that’s the way of metal.
Thanks so much for the interview Dave, any last words?
Just a MASSIVE thank you to the fans past, present and pending (laughs) see ya when I’m screaming  at ya!

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  1. what a shame about the sinners but i agree with the first coment and that dave is to carry on where mortal sin finished with his great band neckrofiest. sad to the end but with all respect it was getting stupid on facebook on the mortal page and dave at least had the sportsmanship of thanking everyone and bowing out positive and proud. i can see bigger and better things from neckrofiest.

  2. nekrofiest is nothing without dave. he made that band and it should die without him or try get him back. good luck boys, but he was the face of that bands success

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