Wouldn’t Mind Spending Life On DEATH ROW!

Today I bring you a relatively new band from Gnesta, Sweden who go by the name Death Row, all though I don’t know to much about this band and admittedly I’ve heard only the track that is available for streaming on the bands Facebook Page. Usually I like to wait until I discover some more info and hear more material by a band before I bring them to you, that way I can get a good feel for the band and describe the music with as much detail as possible. However there is something about Death Row that really caught my eye. The band describes their genre of music as Doom/Thrash Metal… I’ll let your brain analyze that for a minute.


Above were my thoughts and I’m willing to bet a large sum of money that they were your thoughts as well. After listening to the track featured on the bands Facebook Page I have to say, Death Row are indeed what they say they are, which is nothing short of unique!

The bands track “Ritual” (available for streaming here) starts off with some nice doom inspired riffs which then change over to some really nice thrash riffs and from there goes back and forth until the track ends. All in all Death Row have created a track with great atmosphere, solid song structure and some pretty great riffs, making Death Row a band to be excited about in the future!

Be sure to check our Death Row on the bands Facebook Page, you can also hear the track Ritual at this location. Definitely be on the look out for some more tunes by this up and coming band!

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