I love finding new and exciting thrash bands from all around the world, what I love even more is when I find one right in my back yard. This is the case with Tri-state death/thrashers Legionary,  who recently unleashed their debut album entitled “Arcane Divisions” upon the masses, and if your a fan of extreme metal you are in for a treat!

When listening to the debut Legionary album it is clear that the band is influenced more from early death metal than thrash. Arcane Divisions is definitely leaning more towards the death than thrash but I’m not complaining and after you give this album a spin you won’t be either.

With brutal death metal growls Legionary haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel when it comes to vocals, however the vocals are performed quite well and are indeed quite fitting. Musically the band is nothing short of brutal, the riffs are pulse pounding and carry a good amount of groove which keeps the death metal influence in check long enough to make Arcane Divisions a death/thrash record rather than a full on death metal assault. Drummer Frank D’Erasmo puts on one of the most astonishing displays behind the kit I’ve heard in quite some time. Mixing up tempos, while consistently keeping his feet moving and throwing in the occasional blast beat, D’Erasmo is a rising star in the drumming world and with this performance it is easy to see why this young man is on Sick Drummer Magazines Website. All around the band is musically sound however I found that at times the music overpowered the vocals which is something that always takes away from an album. Other than a few production flaws there isn’t to many negative things to say about Arcane Divisions. Legionary have in fact laid down the brutality in a spectacular manner.

BOTTOM LINE: Legionary have delivered a solid album. At time death metal can be over powering but for the most part Legionary keep things in check providing the listener with riffs that feature as much groove as they do brutality. At times the vocals can get drowned out but this is just a small flaw that isn’t worth getting worked up over.

Overall: 87/100

Be sure to follow Legionary over on Facebook and definitely make sure you get Arcane Divisions, which is available on iTunes at this location.


  1. this band is done! 2 of the main members left the band and the drummer is a douche. They made a big deal out of this album and it just sounds like shit. the production is horrible.. the music is definitely there but everything else isn’t. too bad this band didn’t make it..

    • haha what a retard this guy is, 2 main members left? haha more like 1 disposable douche got fired & flushed! little timmy bitch boy has no future in music and couldnt play an instrument or write a song if his life depended on it!

      from what i hear legionary’s first album was just a warm up and the next one is going to be even better! hopefully the vocals are less homo and more manly this time around m/

    • I know who this is. It’s a former member who got fired because he was an alcoholic. He was very sloppy live. Now he plays in a 6th rate Demolition Hammer band lol.

  2. Thanks for the “professional” insight Anonymous… We’re pretty sure we know who you are, and we’re sure you’ll continue to post anonymously like a coward… The only douche here is you… Tony is still in Legionary last we checked…

    As far as who the main members of Legionary are… Frank D’Erasmo wrote the entire album, and kept the band together during the whole recording, so I’m pretty sure HE is the MAIN member of Legionary… The production is a little rough around the edges because the guitarists didn’t take enough time working on their tones… Tim was very unprepared, and needed a ton of punch ins… He’s replaceable… Dave and Anthony did an amazing job for what was presented to them… Tony will also be the first to admit that he would do it all over… The responsibility fell on his shoulders to get a tone… Regardless, the sound is definitely not “bad”…

    Continue to book your shows that draw 4 dudes and 30 chicks who got in for free… You’re a joke dude

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