Get Your Free HEAD IN A JAR!

Head In A Jar is a killer band from Sydney Australia who have recently released their debut music video for their self titled track “Head in a Jar.” The track appears on the bands “Atomic Circus” EP which, due to the bands recent cinematic success is now available as a free download over on the bands BandCamp Page! 

Atomic Circus is Head In A Jar’s first release and it’s four tracks that are well worth your time. Head In A Jar jam pack this EP with some hilarious lyrics and killer riffs that are both catchy and aggressive and capable of causing severe whiplash to even to most seasoned thrashers! Trust me when I say you need this EP, so do yourselves a favor and check out the video below, it’s the perfect example of what Head In A Jar are all about. When you’re done laughing your ass off and watching it over and over be sure to head on over to the Head In A Jar BandCamp Page and download their Atomic Circus EP FOR FREE!  

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