Mutagenocide is a band I’m really excited to be telling you all about. Hailing from the UK this five piece band displays a wide array of heavy metal influences ranging from full on thrash to melodic and progressive metal that will surely please as much as it impresses.

On their recently released self titled EP, Mutagenocide displayed all their influences. Without ever over doing things (which is something a lot of bands with progressive influences tend to do) Mutagenocide bombards the listener with killer thrash metal riffs that will have you banging your head, then suddenly slows things down attacking the listener with a progressive assault only to speed things right back up again. The production on this release is fantastic and allows the listener to enjoy everything Mutagenocide have to offer, and trust me when I say they offer a lot! Freddy Savory provides the vocals which work quite well with the bands music, ranging any where from high pitched to an almost growl like low, with such a range Savory’s performance is anything but boring. The axe work on this release is monumental going from lightning fast, to incredibly melodic and intricate and at times it can be downright beautiful. Guitarists Patrick Scott and Paul Clayton deliver performances that are not only impressive but simply jaw dropping. Behind the kit is Ben Wisker who does a phenomenal job, providing some really killer fills and pummeling double bass drum, all while bassist Tom Greenway provides the band with some really killer bass lines and really holds down the fort with his abilities on the four-string.

Bottom Line: Mutagenocide knows how to mix things up and do it in away that will surely please any listener. This band is the complete package and this release proves that every member of this band is well above par with their musical abilities. If the band keeps releasing material like this then Mutagenocide are well on their way to what can only be a long and prosperous career.

Overall: 100/100

Currently Mutagenocide is streaming their self-titled EP over on their BandCamp page, where you can purchase a physical or digital copy of the album. The album is also available on iTunes as well.

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