Ready Your WARSENAL And Prepare For The THRASH!!

Warsenal are a band all you old-school thrash maniacs should be really excited about, in fact they’re a band every thrash maniac should be excited about! Hailing from Quebec, Canada this thrash trio lays it down OLD-SCHOOL and if you’re a fan of this site then you know I just can’t get enough of that old-school style thrash metal!

Recently Warsenal released their debut demo and your ears will be pleased to know that this release is currently available for you’re listening pleasure on the Official Warsenal YouTube page. Featuring three tracks of nothing but face melting riffs, some pretty cool lyrics and solos that have to be heard to be believed, this is indeed a promising Demo by this young up and coming band!

For more on Warsenal head on over to the bands Official Facebook Page, as well as subscribe to their Official YouTube Channel. You can also check out the track “Hit N Run” below, just try not to give yourself to much whiplash, there’s still two more tracks on this demo you’re gonna want to listen to!

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  1. These guys are starting to get more popular as they play more shows and gain the attention of labels. I’m looking forward to hear more news about them around.

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