UK New Comers Help Advance The Scene, And DELIVER US TO EVIL!

Just the other day a young up and coming band posted a video on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook page that really grabbed my attention. The band is from the UK and go by the name Deliver Us To Evil, and man is this some brutal stuff!

With a death/thrash sound that is uniquely their own, Deliver Us To Evil are on a mission to bring old-school thrash back to the local music scene. Listening to this bands music I’m reminded of the days when bands actually created original riffs that are both brutal and catchy, unlike a lot of bands in todays scene where most bands with a death metal influence stagnate the scene with nothing but break downs and music that is nothing short of lack luster.

Indeed Deliver Us To Evil are a breath of fresh air in todays extreme metal scene, and if you’re looking for some killer and unrelenting death/thrash then you need to head on over to the Deliver Us To Evil Facebook Page. There you’re going to find the bands debut EP “Ammunition of Souls” available for streaming, free download and if you want to be a sport and help support this killer up and coming band you can also purchase the album for a small sum of money. No matter how you get your hands on this release just make sure you do. Surely this bands material will put a smile on your face and have you banging your head until your neck snaps, so check ’em out!

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