SMASH POTATER Are Smashing Fun!

So I was on the New Wave Of Thrash Metal Blogs Facebook page the other day and I noticed a post about a band giving their discography away for free, and as always I rushed to take advantage of some free music by an up and coming thrash metal band. Who is this band you ask? They are none other than the Aurora, Illinois cross over kings Smash Potater!

With lyrics that are as original as they are hilarious and music that will have you thrashing like a mad man,  Smash Potater are definitely a band you need to be listening to! Currently the band as two demos and a few splits under their belt, and are in the process of recording some new material that will be out in the coming weeks/months/years!

However in the mean time you can still get you potater fix by downloading every single track in the Smash Potater discography at this location, and once you listen to these songs then I think you’ll agree that Smash Potater are smashing’ fun!

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