SHRAPNEL Will Blow You Away!

Shrapnel: The name of the thrash metal band I have in my head for a number of years but have failed to do anything with.

Shrapnel: The name of the thrash metal band that is entirely better than the one in my head.

Indeed this 5 piece thrash band from the UK go by the same name as the band I have had in my head for a number of years, but long before I could ever play a guitar lick these thrashers have dubbed themselves Shrapnel and have established quite the following. Rightfully so, Shrapnel deliver the goods in a way I can only dream of. With a sound that blends both modern and old-school thrash together perfectly Shrapnel are in fact one of the best up and coming thrash metal bands in the UK scene today.

Proof of Shrapnel’s incredible thrashing skills can be found on the band’s first two EP’s – “No Saviours” and “The Devastation To Come.” Both releases assault the listeners ear canal with a fury of face melting solos, drums that pound the listener harder than a cannon ball to the chest all tied together with killer vocals and some of the best damn riffs PERIOD!

Are you excited? You wanna know something cool? The band will be hitting the studio this October to record their debut album with producer Russ Russell! This upcoming release is still aways off but I’m already anticipating it, and anyone else who love thrash should be just as excited about this upcoming album as me.

So if you’re looking for some downright killer thrash then you need to head on over the the official Shrapnel website, on it you’ll find links to the bands Facebook page as well updates and some really killer merchandise, including both Shrapnel EP’s.

So do yourself a favor, LISTEN TO SHRAPNEL!!

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