Tormenter are an LA based five-piece thrash metal band who have been establishing themselves a loyal fan base for a number of years now. Personally I’ve enjoyed the music of Tormenter ever since the bands self released debut album “Assault From Beyond The Grave.” A few short years have passed since the bands first album, and the bands hard work has paid off in a big way. Signed to EBM Records, Tormenter have recently released their second album – “Pulse of Terror” With a release date a little while back my anticipation for this album as been immense, and after listening to this album I can say it was well worth the wait!

As I mentioned earlier Tormenter are a band I am quite familiar with and right off the bat I noticed that the band re-recorded two of my favorite tracks that could be found on the bands first album – “No Anesthesia” and “Assault From Beyond The Grave.” These re-recording breath new life into these tracks giving both a great production quality, which is something that can be found on all 12 tracks of Pulse of Terror. With such great production throughout the album, Tormenter’s love for Bay Area Thrash metal, in particular Testament and Exodus becomes quite evident. However just about anyone who is a fan of the thrash metal genre will find something unique and original with what Tormenter have brought to the table on their second album.

Thrash metal has always been a genre with something relevant to say. On Pulse of Terror, Tormenter clearly get a lot of their chest. However the thing that makes this album stand tall above the rest is the precision playing executed by the band. Simply put Tormenter is made up of high caliber musicians who know how to shred. Impressive lead guitar work, aggressive drumming that makes the listener feel like they are pinned down in a trench under heavy machine gun fire and riffs that will give even the most seasoned thrasher a severe case of whiplash are all things that make Pulse of Terror a must own album.

BOTTOM LINE: Tormenter has really impressed me with this release. Previous fans of this band will be blown away by how much this already killer band has matured and developed a sound that is uniquely their own. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is in search of some killer thrash metal by one of the most promising bands in the New Wave of Thrash Metal.

You can get your hands on this album at this location. Also be sure to check Tormenter out on Facebook and ReverbNation to stay up to date on all the latest happenings with the band.

OVERALL: 90/100

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