So I’ve been away from a computer with internet access for a few days but I’ve still been very active over on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook page via my handy dandy iPhone. While trolling around I kept seeing the name of one band — whether it be a post on this sites Facebook wall, or a post from the killer crossover band The Donner Party the band Lost Society has appeared on my radar more than once these last couple of days.

After seeing their name so many times and receiving a recommendation from Kasper of Nuclear Omnicide I knew this was a band I needed to check out. Listening to these Finnish thrashers I can easily say that you also need to check Lost Society out. Currently the band is giving their debut demo away as a free download over on the bands official BandCamp page and if you like face melting solos, insane riffs designed to break you neck and kick ass metal in general then you need to take advantage of this offer…IMMEDIATELY!!

Simply put this is some outstanding thrash I can’t stop listing to and I know you guys will feel the same way. So check them out over on Facebook and make sure you take advantage of Lost Society’s free music at this location. You’ll love it, I guarantee it!

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