Recently I was informed about a very promising band from Poland that call themselves Brainwashed, and since I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting bands I decided to check them out. Currently the band is streaming tracks from their debut album their debut album “Wrecked” on their Myspace page and having listened to this band debut over many times it is clear that Brainwashed are a band on a mission to stand above the rest.

Pummeling the listener with riffs that are as intense as they are catchy one can not help but bang their head while listening to the tracks on this bands debut. The drums are pounding, the bass is blaring and the vocals tie everything together perfectly. Unlike a lot of bands in todays ever growing thrash metal genre Brainwashed separate themselves from the pack with a more modern approach to thrash metal that is as appealing to the ear as it is harmful to the neck. Bottom line on this band is that they are not just one of the most promising bands in Poland, they’re one of the most promising bands in the New Wave Of Thrash Metal, so check them out!

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