RAGER Can’t Be Stopped!

The fact that I haven’t done a post on the UK band Rager is simply inexcusable, they have been brought to my attention on more than one occasion. This band has some killer material but it hasn’t been easy to get to the point they’re at now. Rager formed in 2005 and have had to deal with much adversity in the form of line-up changes. However like all committed thrashers the core of Rager refused to submit to these struggles and despite everything continued to carry the flame of thrash metal. The flame is burning brighter than ever for these UK thrashers, with a steady line-up finally established last year Rager are now hell bent on causing thrash metal mayhem!

Currently the band as three songs featured on their official ReverbNation page and I’ve enjoyed listening each one several times over. Killer old-school thrash is what this band is all about and if that’s what you’re into then you need to check Rager out. The bands latest track “Forced Faith” points out the flaws of religion and highlights the band at their finest. Starting off with a riff intended to cause neck snapping the band continues to pack this near four minute track with killer riffs and some blazing solos. You NEED to here this song and you can check it out below:

The band also has two other tracks available for your listening pleasure, so head on over to the bands Facebook or ReverbNation page and enjoy! Hopefully this band can release a full length or an EP in the near future because I’m dying to hear more from them!

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