Dark Entropy is a Chicago based band that has recently unleashed their four track debut demo. After listening to this release for the last several days I am happy to inform you this is a group of promising young thrashers have really delivered the goods!

For a debut demo I’m really impressed by how tight the band is, listening to this recording it is clear that the members of Dark Entropy are committed to their craft and are unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection. I love a little diversity and Dark Entropy really bring that to the table here, the four tracks featured on this release are divided into two sections with “Broken Night” and “Enlisted In Suicide” being full on no holds bar thrashers and “FEAR” and “Sins Of Our Fathers” coming in slightly slower and heavier but still maintaining the thrash metal feel. Although different from one another the tracks all share a common ground, killer riffs. I realized after the music had stopped playing that I was head banging the entire time, I think it goes without saying that I immediately hit play again and once more I found myself captivated by the riffs produced by this band. These addicting riffs are complimented nicely with harsh vocals that are straight up in your face and drummer Richard Spoo should be given some kind of award because his skills behind the kit are down right impressive. Spoo’s thunderous double bass drumming on the tracks “Broken Night” and “Enlisted In Suicide” grab the listener’s attention and can only be described as mind blowing. Impressive lead guitar work is another key element that makes Dark Entropy great. The bands well roundedness is something that not only makes this demo great, it’s something that makes Dark Entropy a stand out band in an ever growing scene. This is in fact a great release by a great band made up of some really talented musicians, trust me when I say Dark Entropy are a band we all need to keep an eye on.

For more on Dark Entropy you can check out their official Facebook Page here, and listen to their demo on the bands ReverbNation page here. Currently the band is trying to land a spot on this summers Warped Tour. Although this band would be more suited for a spot on Gigantour, landing a spot on this annual summer festival will surely bring great attention to the band so help them out by voting for Dark Entrophy at this location.

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