Cuttin’ Loose Are A Band You NEED!

So lately I’ve been in a crossover type of mode and I’ve been on the hunt to find a band that would provided me with the fix I’ve been in search of. Lucky for me the state of California is home to just the band I’ve been searching for. They are called Cuttin’ Loose and after listening to this band I can say with complete certainty that my fix for crossover has been filled.

Earlier this year the band released one hell of an EP entitled “Skate To Hell” and any fan of the crossover/thrash genre will simply go ape shit over this release. In typical crossover fashion Skate To Hell is short with each track averaging about 1:30. Although short the band packs each song with a ton of killer riffs making Skate To Hell one addicting album that you can’t go another day without hearing.

How do you get your hands on this killer release you ask? Well the band is giving this kick ass EP away as a FREE DOWNLOAD at this location. With a release this great one more question remains, why haven’t you downloaded it yet?

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