SEWERCIDE Show No Mercy!

I love Demolition Hammer, and how can you not? Their music is fast, aggressive and down right uncompromising in just about every way, their style of music is what I desire most in a heavy metal band. After listening to the boys of Australia’s Sewercide it is evident that this band shares the same passion for Demolition Hammer as I do.

These Melbourne natives have recently released their demo and have made it available as a free download over on their Bandcamp page. Similar to Demolition Hammer that band displays an uncompromising assault that will certainly have your fist pumping, your head banging and your voice hoarse from screaming bloody murder. Although it is evident that the band is highly influenced by Demolition Hammer the only real complaint the listener should have with this release dubbed “Severe Trauma” is the fact that it’s entirely to short, coming in at only two tracks long. However keep in mind that this is only a demo, and a promising one at that. Hopefully this band will release a longer album in the near future that will have us all head banging until our brains become liquified then drain out our noses. For now until a time when Sewercide can unleash such an album make sure you take advantage of their free demo here. After listening to this monstrous demo I think you’ll agree that if Sewercide keep thrashing like this they will be causing sore necks for many years to come.

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    • I believe this bands material speaks for itself. Sewercide are a brutal band and if you download their demo then you too will realize this.

      Also anytime a band is mentioned in the same sentence as Demolition Hammer it is a huge compliment. This is a great band with a bright future and just like the “label” says, this is a band to check out.

      One last thing, this is not Blabbermouth or YouTube. Constructive criticism is always welcomed but negativity like this can be taken else where. All this Anonymous comment proves is that you’re a bigot. So please take the negativity some place else or better yet keep it to yourself!

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