LIVE REVIEW: Warbringer And Lich King Destroy Poughkeepsie New York!

So last night I headed up to Poughkeepsie New York for what I thought was gonna be a good night of metal featuring the likes of Lich King and Warbringer.Turns out I was wrong…it was a GREAT night of metal that was put together by the folks at Tainted Entertainment.
The night started with many fans worried due to the fact that the show was about the start and the mighty Lich King were no where to be found. Worries were quickly pushed to the side when the first band of the night, Clovertook the stage. Hailing from Kingston, New York the band put on a fantastic set with some downright heavy as hell tunes that could easily be enjoyed by any fan of aggressive as hell music. Although not a thrash metal band this three piece had everyone in the venue bobbing their heads and personally I found myself impressed by the energy the band brought to the stage. All around Clover impressed me and it is suggested you check these fellas out and given the opportunity attend a show. Simply put this band needs to be on your radar.
Clover’s set ended and as the second band began setting up there was still no sign of Lich King.Again worries began to circulate and thoughts if the the band were going to make it began to creep into the back of everyones mind. However much like before the ever growing worries were pushed aside when the Westchester thrash metal band simply called Thrashed took the stage. Throughout the sound check one of the guitarist kept laying down Pantera riffs so right off the bat I was eager to see the kind of performance the band put on. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. From the beginning of their set to the end Thrasheddisplayed a tremendous amount of energy, the kind of energy that just blows your fucking mind. Running around the stage and laying down fantastic solos in the crowd the band put on the kind of performance that could easily be compared to an Exodus show back in the ’80s. Just when I didn’t think the band could be more impressive they pulled out a fantastic cover of Metallica’s Whiplash that had everyone in the crowd smiling and banging their head. Prior to this show I have never heard of the band Thrashed but now that I have I’m going to do my best to never miss another show by these guys again. Check their Facebook page for upcoming dates, trust me you do not want to miss they guys.
As the third band of the night began setting up everyones worries were lifted because the mighty Lich King had finally arrived. However everyones focus shifted as the third band Atrophia began to kick everyones face in with a grind/death attack of epic proportions. Metal doesn’t get much heavier than this, and neither do live performances. The band was consistently tight throughout their set and performed in away that made me wonder why this band isn’t a national act. With a killer performance and some really great stage banter in between songs Atrophia is mandatory for any fan of extreme metal.
The fourth band of the night was none other than the great Lich King. No one was more excited by the bands arrival than me, having seen the band twice before I knew I was in for a treat and could not wait too see what the band had in store for this eager crowd. The band immediately had heads banging with the track ‘Act of War.’ From there things began to snowball and the band delivered a torrent of fan favorites including ‘ED 209’ ‘Grindwheel’ ‘Lich King III: World Gone Dead’ and a track off their unreleased new album ‘Combat Mosh.’ Although one member of the band was slightly impaired and another was ill, Lich King put on a flawless set. Throughout the night vocalist Tom Martin tautened the crowd into getting rowdy and demanded heads to be banged, he finally got his wish once the band pulled out their cover of the S.O.D track ‘Milk.’ The evening was to short for Lich King but the band still had one last song to play and it sure is a long one and tough to pronounce but it’s the most metal title of all. That’s right, to end their set the band pulled out their fan favorite ‘Attack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike of the Sword of the Blood of the Beast’ and the fury of headbanging that was demanded throughout the night once again started up. The set came to a close and I don’t think I’m the only person in the venue that had the taste of blood in their mouth due to excessive screaming. Once again Lich King killed it and proved they are the best band and are super cool. Simply put, they rule and if you’ve never seen this band live you need to do so. Immediately.
As the night drew to an end there was still one band left to go on, the band that was on everyones T-shirt. The always great Warbringer were up next to finish the job the other bands that evening started. Hanging out with the fans the entire night Warbringer showed just how cool they really are, a band of friends who love all things metal. When Warbringer took the stage the fans proved just how much they love the band. From the opening track ‘Living Weapon’ to their last song ‘Combat Shock’ Warbringer delivered the goods and the fans responded in the only way you can respond at a metal show. Mosh pits and headbanging were the general theme during the bands set, and what a set it was ‘Severed Reality’ ‘Shoot to Kill’ ‘Demonic Ecstasy’ and ‘Living In A Whirlwind’ were just a few tracks the band decided to slay the crowd with. A killer set by a killer band that has emerged as the leaders of the NWOTM. This is another band you need to see live, every time I see them I don’t think they can get any better but some how they do which is an outstanding achievement. Bottom line if you love a good show, then you need to see Warbringer. 

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