The Donner Party are MANDATORY!!

So I’ve been behind on my blogging the last few days, things have been pretty busy but I’m back with one hell of a band. I first heard about these New Jersey thrashers in a recent Facebook post by the New Wave Of Thrash Metal Blog, the band is called The Donner Party and these guys are just down right fun to listen to! This is a great example of crossover done right, featuring solid riffs and songs that will have you thrashing shit up while smiling from ear to ear. Simply put this band is a must for any thrash metal enthusiast. Recently these thrashers released their debut EP entitled “The Spawning” and from front to back this release will slam you silly and leave you craving more. You want to know the best part? This killer release is available as a free download via the bands Facebook page! You may not know it yet but you simply cannot go another day without listening to this band. So do yourself a favor and head on over the The Donner Party Facebook page, give the band a “like” and make sure to take advantage of their free downloads. Trust me YOU NEED THIS!!

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