DEATH HEAD Will Make You Bang Your Head!

The UK is just oozing with great thrash metal bands, it seems every time I turn around there is another band that people need to know about. My latest discovery is a band that was brought to my attention by Desolator front man Jamie Brooks. They’re called Death Head and this band is made up of some really young thrashers. Don’t let their age fool you, each member shows extreme musical maturity and when combined the members that form Death Head can really thrash shit up. Currently the band has two tracks that are available for free download via the bands Facebook page and anyone who isn’t deaf will surely enjoy both. Each track features riffs that will get your whole body moving, solos that will have your draw dropping and vocals that tie everything together in the best possible way. Plain and simple this is a band you need to be aware of. So head on over to the Death Head Facebook page and show the band some love by giving them a “like” and while your there make sure you take advantage of the free downloads, it’ll be the best thing you do today!

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