CHINGA! Are Grind Thrashing Machines!

CHINGA! Is an interesting band for a number of reasons, this Pennsylvania band is a two piece act and that’s not something you see very often. Secondly this band dishes out some killer music that can only be described as grinding thrash. Although I’m a huge fan of the hybrid thrash combos, grindcore and thrash aren’t something that I’ve stumbled upon to often (if at all). CHINGA! Have really separated themselves from the pack with this very unique and original sound. They’re extremely aggressive like any other grind band but this duo fuses this aggression with some thrash fueled riffs that will have your headbanging in no time. To be honest this bands sound is extremely hard to describe and I really don’t think any words will do it justice. However you simply must check out this bands music and you can do that at the following locations:
On March 13th this killer band will unleash their debut album entitled “Relentless Culinary Assault” through Born Of Chaos Records. This soon to be released album can be purchased from the Born Of Chaos Records web store at this location, so make sure you get your hands on this new album by this great up and coming band!

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  1. Saw CHINGA! last night @ the rusty nail in ardmore and they rocked my fucking tits off!!! Thanks for comin out got shit loads of bruses from the pit!!!! m/!!!!

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