Deceptor Can Thrash!

Deceptor are a UK thrash metal band that was brought to my attention by Desolator main man Jamie Brooks. This is a great up and coming band and I am eternally indebted to Mr. Brooks for steering me in their direction (and a ton of others as well!) Deceptor know how to thrash, with a modern vibe the band shows they understand the basic principals of thrash, those of course being fast speeds and jam packing a song with a ton of great riffs. The band has the track “SoothSayer” available for streaming over on their Facebook page, when listening to this track I simply can’t help but bang my head like there is no tomorrow. Although not much information is made available about this band I assure you once I unmask more I will inform the rest of you. For now though, head over to the bands Facebook page and blast the track “Soothsayer” at maximum volume, it’s a real treat!

UPDATE: Deceptor’s EP can be found at this location. It is available for purchase as a digital download for as little as 4 Euros, although it would be super cool if you give more to this hard working band.

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