Aggressive Love The Bay Area!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Bay Area Thrash Scene, I adore every aspect of these killer bands from their attitude to their riffs and everything in between. So basically if it’s Bay Area then it’s alright in my book.
Recently on my never ending quest to unearth killer thrash bands on a global scale I came across a sweet band from South America who love Bay Area Thrash as much as I do! They’re called Aggressive and if you share the same love for good old Bay Area music then you should do your ears a favor and give these guys a listen. This band oozes Bay Area Thrash and after purchasing the bands debut album “Predators’ Arrival” I’ve relocated to cloud nine. Featuring unique vocals and killer music the band reminds me of Vio-lence on this release. However Aggressive aren’t just some carbon copy band, they definitely bring their own goods to the table and should be admired by any thrash enthusiast.
Currently you can purchase Aggressive’s debut on iTunes, but I recommend getting the cd/t-shirt/patch deal via the bands label. It doesn’t matter how you purchase this album, all that matters is that you do. “Predators’ Arrival” is a great album and Aggressive not only show a great deal of promise with this release but they also show a ton of passion for the bands that inspired them.

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