Nothing Can Stop ENDOVEIN!!

Italian thrashers Endovein are a band that has faced much diversity since forming in 2004. Faced with constant line-up changes just as the band seems to be on top of the world, Endovein has had to work hard and really put their noses to the grind stone just to remain in tact. Being plagued with such bad luck many bands would be likely to throw in the towel and call it quits. However Endovein continue to strive and the band only seems to progress as time goes on. The bands debut album “Waiting For Disaster” is a great slab of thrash that was unleashed upon the masses a few years back in 2010. Listening to this release it is clear that the members of Endovein truly love what they do. The album Features a ton riffs that are as killer as they are catchy and a high octane energy level that is simply the highlight of the album. Endovein are yet another kick ass killer band coming out of Italy. With so many bands coming from this country I’m starting to think there might be something in the water over there.
Recently Endovein has undergone some more line-up changes, announcing Alex Panza as the bands new vocalist and Stefano Bianco as the bands new drummer. These changes are made just as the band is about the enter the studio to record a new single that will be found on the bands next album. Endovein has issued the following statement about the bands recent activity and plans for the future:
“After 7 years of concerts, battles and labours together, Stefano ‘Sofa’ Balma decided to secede from the Endovein. The band cannot help but thank him for everything that he has contributed to our growth. We are willing to move forward, confident and determined more than ever. In recent months we have worked hard on new pieces, preparing for our return live! Next month we will enter the studio to begin recording a single that will appear on our second album. The line-up was completed with the entry of Stefano ‘Steve’ Bianco on drums and Alex Panza on vocals. You will see the new line-up in action live from the month of April.”
Line-up changes are always a difficult thing to deal with but as Endovein have proven time and time again this bands passion will supersede what ever obstacle that may come its way.  

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