REVIEW: Game Over – “For Humanity”

Italy is a country that is riddled with great thrash metal bands and Game Over are no exception to this fact. These Italian thrashers have just recently unleashed their debut album “For Humanity” upon the waiting masses, and after listening to this album many times it is clear that this is a band that waves the old-school flag with pride. This mammoth debut has me ready to pull out my denim vest and put on my white high tops because on this release Game Over shows us how to play old-school thrash metal the correct way. “For Humanity” puts a smile on my face that doesn’t seem to disappear and since my copy has arrived last week I have played it every day. This album is mandatory.
For Humanity” is an energy release that is as unrelenting and dominate as a hungry shark in seal infested waters. From the opening track “Abyss Of A Needle”to the last track “Tupa Tupa Or Die” Game Over never lets up, even the 25 second track “N.S.A” will knock your fucking teeth out. “For Humanity” is laced with killer high speed riffs, blazing solos, great lyrics and drums that pound the earth harder then a hungry horde of fat people rushing towards an all you can eat buffet. Add up all these things and remember to throw the old-school spirit into the mix and what you end up with is a killer release that is reminiscent of something that came out of the Bay Area in the ’80s. Now allow me to take this opportunity to silence any critic that may have something negative to say about a modern thrash metal band, “For Humanity” is packed with originality and one day this release will be praised as a classic of the NWOTM.
Plain and simple Game Over have released a fantastic album that should be loved by even the most casual listener of the thrash metal genre. I really can’t say anything negative about this release, and once you listen to this album I think you’ll agree. If you like great thrash metal or just great metal in general then you need to get your hands on a copy of Game Over’s amazing debut “For Humanity.” As I said earlier this album is MANDATORY!
Overall: 10/10

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