ThorHammer Are Undeniable

ThorHammer is a band on a mission. What’s the objective you ask? It’s simple really, to thrash as hard as possible. After listening to the tracks this band has on their Facebook page it’s easy to say, mission complete. This Saint Louis band rips shit up in enjoyable old-school fashion that anyone who isn’t deaf will enjoy. The band has a melodic vibe but still thrash the fuck out of you like there is no tomorrow, this unique quality makes ThorHammer great in every sense of the word. I have to say this is some really enjoyable stuff that has me banging my head and drooling for more. This band is a prime example of what happens when a group of talented musicians get together and play metal the way it was meant to be played. ThorHammer are a must for any fan of the purest form of metal, so head over to the bands Facebook page and take advantage of their free downloads. It may just be the best thing you do all weekend.

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