Sepuku Raise The Bar For Extreme Metal

Sepuku is a death/thrash band from the UK but when listening to these monsters of metal you can’t help but think that Sepuku is an undeniable force from hell. The band’s influences feature many old school death metal bands like Obituary, Death and Entombed as well has some great thrash bands such as Sodom and Slayer. Sepuku manage to merge all these influences together perfectly and the result is one gnarly as fuck death/thrash band that should be admired by any fan of Sadus, Demolition Hammer and extreme metal in general. This band might just be some of the best death/thrash the UK has ever seen. In fact Sepuku are an extreme metal fans wet dream, featuring thunderous drumming, vocals that can wake the dead and guitar playing that is as fast as it is precise. This band has in fact raised the bar for any new extreme metal band that emerges in the next decade. If your lucky enough to survive the onslaught this band delivers then you need to keep Sepuku on your radar, this band is going places and any other extreme metal band should be taking notes.

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