Stoneload Are Nothing Short Of Great!

Looking for some really kick ass thrash metal? Then you need to be listening to the Swedish band Stoneload.These guys play it fast, aggressive and mix old school and modern day in the best possible way. All three of the tracks featured on the bands ReverbNation page are all unique and different from one another but all three have one thing in common, they kick ass! Stoneload is a truly great band that any die hard thrash fan will go ape shit over but at the same time can be enjoyed by any fan of heavy metal. 
The bottom line is you need to listen to these guys right now, they are nothing short of great and I know once you hear the three tracks the band has streaming you like me, will be looking forward to hearing a lot more from this band in the future.  

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    • Wow, late reply here, but anyway.. ;P The album will be out as soon as possible, we’re currently considering a deal from a record company, if everything is ok we’ll probably sign next week. If so, I hope that the album will be available sometime this summer.

      Follow us on facebook (, reverbnation ( or our own site ( and we promise to keep you updated! /Andreas

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