Von Kull Bring The Heavy

When listening to the tracks on Newark, Delaware thrash act Von Kull’s Facebook page I can’t help bang my head, these few songs are absolutely heavy and completely unrelenting. The thrash is very much evident in Von Kull’s music but it is also clear that the band has a cornucopia of influences as well. I think the most evident one would be Lamb of God, both bands play aggressive as hell metal and believe it or not if you compare the vocals of the two bands they are almost dead on. Of course I mean this in the best possible way, Randy Blythe has some gnarly vocals and until now I’ve never found a vocalist that even comes close to what he can do. Although the two bands may share some similarities I find Von Kull is much more thrash influenced, and when listening to the track “Though Ever” this becomes extremely evident.
The band knows what it means to thrash but their not a throw back band, they know what they like and they execute it in an absolutely killer way. So if your looking for some killer thrash influenced metal you need to check out Von Kull,this band is heavier than most and with a ton of shows already booked this year they are most certainly on the rise so be prepared to get your ass kicked by Von Kull for years to come.

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