Zafakon: Death/Thrash Done Right!

I’ve always loved the hybrid genres of thrash, you know stuff like blackened thrash, death/thrash I go absolutely crazy when two forms of extreme metal are blended together in an absolutely killer way. Recently Zafakon, a band from Puerto Rico contacted me. Man I’m glad they did. I’m not really familiar with that many bands from Puerto Rico, but it is my understanding that metal fans from this country are some of the most loyal in the world. Listening to Zafakon’s debut EP simply entitled “Fall” it is clear that the four members who make up this band are amongst the countries most loyal subjects of metal. With thrash fueled riffs played in a much darker manner than the typical thrash band is capable of doing “Fall” is a perfect example of death/thrash done right. Featuring four originals and one hell of a Toxic Holocaust cover this is an absolutely killer release that is mandatory for any fan of extreme music and is a great place to start for anyone that is looking to get into a more extreme style of metal.
No matter your music metal preference if your looking for some great new tunes to listen to you can pick up Zafakon’s EP over on iTunes, Amazon or you can purchase the album from the band directly. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just buy this album and blast it as loud as your stereo will allow you to.

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