Citadel: Reunited Thrashers On A Mission!

The band Citadel has recently been brought to my attention, this is a thrash metal band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that was formed by a group of friends back in 1985. After a number of years together, the band grew a following while playing the club scene in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas. Several years in the band decided to record a demo and take things to the next level. Unfortunately however things didn’t really get much further due to escalating tensions between band members.
However with a storyline straight out of a movie the band was reunited at a Memorial Day block party back in 2010 which featured the members of the band jamming out in the middle of a street gathering an audience. Things clicked and the members of the dissolved band knew they loved playing together like they did back when they were kids. With a quick phone call securing a vocalist Citadel was formed yet again this time more mature and much wiser.
Listening to this band now it’s a shame things didn’t work out for them back in the ’80s, the band really knows how to play some killer thrash metal. The tunes the band has featured on their ReverbNation page are pulse pounding and get the job done with great vocals, killer riffs and some awesome lyrics with excellent drum fills to top it all off. This is the total package and anyone looking for some great music needs to listen to Citadel.
Over twenty years later and the band is finally getting the respect that they strived for back when the band was formed in 1985. They are in the running to win the Hard Rock Rising Battle Of The Bands. The really cool thing about this (as if it wasn’t cool enough already) Citadel are the only thrash metal band in the competition. That’s right, these reunited thrashers are representing the genre of music we all love. The band has gotten this far with votes from all of it’s fans and now they need your help again. The band is competing in round one of the competition this Friday at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is huge, not only for the band but for thrash metal in general. Citadel can finally show people what thrash metal is all about and to top it off it would be the best Cinderella story the world has ever seen. Although short notice anyone who is looking for something to do in the New York Tri-State area this Friday needs to get down to the Hard Rock in Atlantic City and attend the Battle of the Bands. It’s a free event that promises to be a good time for all. So get down to the Hard Rock and rock the fucking house with Citadel and make sure you vote for them and help them move on to the next round.
Check the band’s official website out for merchandise.
The official Citadel Facebook Page
The Citadel ReverbNation Page where you can purchase tracks by the band.

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  1. @Chad… thanks for the exeptional words….We are working our damnist to keep up the thrash scene….and i see you are doing the same…thrash on

  2. Yo dude, Chad…awesome article man!!! Thanx for the love we really appreciate it!! We need to spread the word bro, not just about our band but the scene as a whole!! There’s alotta people out there young n old spreading the METAL we just have to scream it at the top of our lungs so the whole Fuckin world can hear it!!! Thanx again bro!!!

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