Flesh Engine

So here’s a band that has been brought to my attention by a friend of Global Thrash Assault over at Burned by God Records. They are called Flesh Engine and I’m liking definitely looking forward to following this band in the future. The band has a few releases under their belt including a demo, an EP and just last year the band released their debut album upon the world entitled “Walking the Aether.”

 Flesh Engine are not your typical thrash band, yes the band can start a riot with their songs but they also display a great deal of influences in their music. Head over to the bands Facebook page and there you will find two kick ass tracks, each having qualities that make them different from one another. The band obviously has some progressive/technical influences in addition to their thrash and modern metal influences. Just when you don’t know where the band is taking things they bring the thrash like a hungry shark tearing into it’s pray. That’s the sign of a great band, a group of guys who know how to mix things up but at the same time they manage to keep to the basic principal that makes thrash metal great.

 Check these guys out they have a bright future and if you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey your in luck because the band has a few shows coming up in your area. For further information on Flesh Engine such as tour dates check the band out on Facebook and you can order the bands debut album as well as some merchandise over on the official Flesh Engine website.

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