HEXEN Set To Release New Album

So it looks like LA thrashers HEXEN has completed work on their second album entitled “Being and Nothingness” which will be release on Pulverised Records. This is great news, I absolutely love the bands first album “State of Insurgency” and I have been looking forward to this release ever since I heard the band signed with Pulverised a while back. 
According to a press release the album “sees the band goingtoward a far more mature, comprehensive, and thorough voyage of metal musicality, thus distancing themselves from being just another run-of-the-mill revival band”
Commenting on the album the band had this to say:
“We are completely stoked for this long-worked-on, long-awaited second release and we can’t wait to showcase this opus live to all our fans. Unlearn what you have learned about metal!”
I’m really interested to hear what direction the band takes the new album, it sounds like its going to be a killer release that’s going to blow everyone away. For now though we can only hope.
Check out the track listing to the album as well as the art work below:
01. Macrocosm
02. Grave New World
03. Defcon Rising
04. Private Hell
05. Walk As Many, Stand As One
06. Stream Of Unconsciousness
07. Indefinite Archetype
08. The Nescient
09. Nocturne:
i. Opus 55 ? 1 in Fmin
ii. Out of Reach
iii. Existential Crisis
iv. Entrance of the Absurd
v. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
vi. With Salvation I Persist
vii. Elegy of the Night
viii. End in Purplexity

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