Mandatory Monday: Testament’s The New Order

So today is Monday which means it is time for the new Global Thrash Assault weekly feature, Mandatory Monday. This week is all about the second Testament album “The New Order.” To me this is the essential album to own by this band; from front to back this is a phenomenal release that set the bar pretty high for any other Bay Area Thrash band.

Testament is a very underrated band and that’s a disgusting fact. In 1988 the band released a landmark album entitled “The New Order” but looking back on it today you could just as easily call it “Testament: Greatest Hits.” Not that the band hasn’t released some great albums since ’88, they most certainly have. The fact is “The New Order”features five tracks that can still be found in the bands live set today and they are: ‘The New Order,’’ Trial By Fire,’ ‘Into The Pit,’ ‘Disciples of the Watch’ and ‘The Preacher.’ One thing I should point out is that “The New Order” is a ten track album which means that half this album still remains as important to Testament today as it did when the album was released nearly 25 years ago. That’s an unbelievable feat and I don’t think any other band that has been around as long as Testament plays five tracks off of one album. That just shows you how great “The New Order” really is.

Many albums unfortunately suffered from poor production quality during the 1980’s. “The New Order” is actually a step up in production when comparing it to the band’s first album “The Legacy.” The tracks on the bands sophomore release are much cleaner which allows you to hear how much the band matured since their first release. Musically the band is at their best, Chuck Billy displays why he is considered to have some of the best vocals in metal, while the band executed some of the best thrash ever written. Testament may not be as big as say Megadeth or Metallica but they certainly should be and “The New Order” proves it.
So if you don’t own “The New Order” yet get your ass to a record store and buy yourself a copy right now, and if you do own this classic play it loud my friends, play it loud.

Released in 1988

Lineup:                                                                                                                                                            Chuck Billy-Vocals                                                                                                                                            Alex Skolnick-Lead Guitar                                                                                                                                Eric Peterson-Rhythm Guitar                                                                                                                        Greg Christian-Bass                                                                                                                                         Louie Clemente-Drums

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  1. greetings from this metalhead sited in mexico’s midnigth full of thrash metal!!!! …and a lot of rain ahahaah
    TESTAMENT ROCKS, one of my favs, along with Helloween, Sabbath, FUCKING SLAYEEEER, AAARGH!!! (R.I.P. Jeff Hanemann m/u_u ) Iron Maiden, Sodom, Sepultura and a loooong fuckin’ etc!!!
    METAL LIVES ON!!! m/ò_óm/

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