REVIEW: Resurrector- Abandoned Souls

Resurrector are a Swedish thrash metal band who recently posted a comment on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook page me asking me to check out their debut EP ‘Abandoned Souls’ over on their Facebook page. Listening to this release you can tell the band has a love for the old school and throughout the band displays this love with some really great riffs that make up a pretty solid thrash release.
Throughout this release the band displays the ability to play their instruments, with great solos and the skills to change things up along the way. ‘Abandoned Souls’ has some really enjoyable moments throughout. For example the track ‘Fatal Desert Trip’ starts off with a very dark atmosphere then suddenly hits you like a freight train with an old school ’80s thrash assault, and just as you’re recovering from this sudden blow the track morphs into something very technical that shows what this band is capable of. ‘Resurrection of the Dead’ alsofeatures some kick ass song writing skills that once again has the bands musical chops on full display.
Although ‘Abandoned by Souls’ has it’s great moments there are somethings I don’t really care for on this release. The vocals are number one on this short list or criticisms. For me they’re just not doing anything, I find they take away from the release more than they give. I also would love to hear this band with a little better production, but to be fair this is the bands debut EP so perhaps my criticisms are misplaced. The band can only get better from here on out but ‘Abandoned Souls’ isn’t a bad start. Although a little rough around the edges this is an enjoyable release by yet another great Swedish metal band.
Overall: 7/10

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