REVIEW: Magnetron- A Measured Timeframe

Magnetron are a sweet band from the Ukraine who know how to tear shit up. Evidence of this can be found on the band’s debut album ‘A Measured Timeframe.’ This is ten tracks of some really addicting “Breda Area Thrash,” with vocals reminiscent of early Kreator and drumming usually featured in grindcore. On this debut Magnetron show they are something special and know what it means to thrash.
Previous fans of the band will rejoice to hear that the band hasn’t changed their style since the release of their 2008 promo ‘Born Witless,’ the only real difference is one for the better and that lies in the quality of production. New fans of the band will find themselves pleasantly surprised with how the band takes influences from different genres will still remaining a thrash band through and through. ‘Rob A Bank, Buy A Tank‘ clocks in at under 50 seconds and features some killer blast beats the are very common to the grindcore genre, it’s extreme and show’s the band knows about music outside the realm of thrash. Fret not circle pit maniacs, ‘A Measured Timeframe’ is thrashy as fuck and tracks like ‘The Human Race Has Been Cancelled’ ‘Born Witless’ and the unique ‘Thrashing of the Brain’ will surely have you moving about in a circular motion so fast people will mistaken you for a NASCAR event.
‘A Measured Timeframe’ clocks in at about 25 minutes. So if your looking for an album that gets straight to the point “all thriller and no filler” so to speak, Magnetron’s debut is what your looking to get your hands on. European fans can purchase the album from the band directly, however American fans are in luck with this release. The album is being sold through‘Negative Existence’ which means no waiting for international shipping!
Check out Magnetron’s official websiteto order the album and get your hand on some merchandise.
American fans looking to purchase the album can do so at ‘Negative Existence’ here.
Make sure to follow the band on Facebook as well.
Overall: 8/10

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