Australia has some pretty sweet bands including AC/DC and thrash veterans Mortal Sin just to name a few. Recently I’ve discovered yet another great band from down under called 4Arm. This band absolutely blows me away with a modern sound this band thrashes hard, I’m talking real hard. The band formed in 2004 and in 2005 they released their debut album entitled ’13 Scars.’ The band experienced much success from this release and in 2009 they entered the studio yet again to record their second album entitled ‘The Empires of Death.’ These first two albums are energy packed and really aggressive just like a good thrash album should be.
That’s really what this band is, a straight up thrash metal band who know what it means to be a thrash metal band. Just recently the band put out their third album ‘Submissions For Liberty’ and this album is a straight up beast. It has better production than previous 4Arm records and this is due to the band teaming up with a great producer Matt Hyde (who has worked with bands like Machine Head, Slipknot and Trivium to name a few.) 4Arms latest release is tighter than ever and will be a pleasant surprise to those who have never heard this band before, and for everyone who already knows this band it confirms what we all know, this band is going places. ‘Submissions For Liberty’ proves that 4Arm may be the best NWOTM band from just about any where. In fact I would put them right up there with just about any other thrash metal band both old or new. I know thats saying a lot an I’m not trying to piss anyone off but 4Arm really deliver the goods on all three of their albums, each one has improved on the last one and this band doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Which is excellent news for the entire metal community as a whole. Bands like this are the reason metal heads love metal.
You can check the band out on their Facebook page for some excellent sample of their music. Make sure you stop by the bands official website to get your hands on their albums.

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