Vermillion Days

With bands like SuicidalAngels and Bio-Cancer being the focus of recent posts the country of Greece has been kicking my ass as of late. Recently I have discovered another band from this country who are also capable of delivering an ass beating, the death/thrash hybrid Vermillion Days. I’ve always been a fan of bands who deliver a mean hybrid assault and Vermillion Daysare no different. They bring the heavy and extreme and know how to deliver the death/thrash combo in a great way taking influences from both genres and remaining unique at the same time which is always nice to hear in today’s abundant metal scene. This is some pretty enjoyable stuff featuring devastating death metal vocals, and some really fast thrash metal riffs; Vermillion Days has me already looking forward to their full length album they are currently working on. Check out their music over on their Facebook page and as always pass it on to your friends.

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