REVIEW: Suicidal Angels- Bloodbath

So the new SuicidalAngels album “Bloodbath” was released upon the unsuspecting masses here in the US this past Tuesday. I have to say this band is like a giant snowball that is rolling down a hill, they get bigger and more deadly with every passing moment. “Bloodbath” may be the bands strongest release to date and with this album the band literally unleashes a bloodbath of fury unrivaled by most and loved by all. When listening to the latest material by these Greek thrashers words like crushing and deadly come to mind, and of course I mean this in the most positive way. Throughout their career Suicidal Angels have always written music that lets you unleash your inner beast, shit that really gets you raging and your blood pressure spiking. “Bloodbath” is no exception to this formula; it will literally have you foaming at the mouth like some kind of rabid animal.

 The band lays down heavy riffs at insane speeds that will get your head banging and your whole body thrashing. Tracks like “Moshing Crew” and “Face of God” are really great examples of this, both feature some really killer song writing that is executed to perfection and both tracks have the ability to cause you some serious whiplash. Lyrically the band hasn’t changed much from their previous albums; they still write lyrics that would make most nuns shiver in horror but with such brutal music the lyrics are just another reason to have a smile on your face when listening to this tsunami of thrash metal fury. Suicidal Angels have a love for the old school and as a result they are loved by some really great old school bands who are no strangers to brutality themselves. “Legacy of Pain” features Bolt Thrower’sKarl Willets, and for the band this is a huge honor. Trust me when I say with this track the band proves they are worthy of this honor and many more like it. “Bloodbath” might just be one of the best albums to come out so far this year; in fact it really wouldn’t surprise me if this is one of the best albums to come out this whole year.

 ‘Brutality performed to perfection’ might just be the best way to sum up “Bloodbath” there just doesn’t seem to be any weak points on this album. For the fourth consecutive time Suicidal Angels have delivered a phenomenal slab of brutality that strikes as fast as a vipers bite, and is just as lethal as one too. PICK THIS SHIT UP IMMEDIATELY!

Overall: 10/10

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