Exodus Joined On Stage By Former Band Members This Past Weekend.

So yesterday I posted the first installation in a new weekly feature called “Mandatory Monday,” this week it was all about the classic Exodus album “Bonded by Blood.” The real thing that set this classic release apart from any other Exodus album was front man Paul Baloff. “Bonded by Blood” is the only album to feature the vocalist. Sadly the legendary front man passed away on February 2, 2002.

Although he may no longer be with us, Baloff to this day remains important to thrash fans everywhere, he is the front man everyone talks about and the one everyone wishes they had the chance to see live. He is truly larger than life. Ten years since Paul’s passing and Exodus proved just how important he remains to the band. On February 4th the band put on a tribute show called “Bonded By Baloff: A Decaded of Remembrance” and put together a really great show featuring classic Bay Area bands like Forbidden, Heathen,  and Possessed. Just when you think this great night couldn’t get any better it somehow managed to do just that. During the headline set Exodus brought out some really special guest. Who you ask? How about original Exodus bassist Jeff Andrews, long time guitarist Rick Hunolt and original Exodus axe man Kirk Hammet. This was truly a special night, the band pulled out all the stops with a strictly old school set that fans surely loved just as much as the mighty Baloff would have.

Check out some of the videos below of former Exodus members playing some of their early demo material before “Bonded By Blood” was released. They’re enjoyable and will surely put a smile on your face.

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