REVIEW: Paranorm- Pandemonium’s Rise

I’m usually not the kind of guy that’s into technical or progressive music. The problem I have with the genre is there is usually too much going on for me to wrap my mind around. Lately however I’ve discovered some really great bands like Testimony and Vektor who know exactly how to dance up and down the fret board without overdoing it and frustrating the listener beyond belief.

Recently a great band that goes by the name Paranorm have been brought to my attention, this band from Sweden is another great example of technical thrash done right. Last year the band released their debut EP entitled “Pandemonium’s Rise,” featuring six tracks and clocking in at nearly 30 minutes this is one hell of a debut. The band’s influences range from Bay Area and European thrash along with some NWOBHM aspects along the way. With such great influences it would be easy to rip off other bands and call it their own; however that’s the complete opposite of what Paranorm do. This is a multi-dimensional band that keeps things original and throughout the entire album brings the thrash metal genre to a whole new level.

Every track on the release features solos that will make even the most elite guitar players stare into space dumbfounded with their jaws dropped to the floor. However “Pandemonium’s Rise” doesn’t just feature ripping solos, the band also throws in some really great bass lines throughout which just add to the incredible listening experience of this album. Paranorm also throw in some really great breakdowns and fantastic tempo changes along the way, two elements that prove the technical supremacy of this band. With the track “Atmospheres” the bands technical chops are on full display. Featuring excellent drum fills and awe inspiring tempo changes. After listening to this track you can’t help but fall in love with this band. All technical elements aside “Pandemonium’s Rise” is a full on thrash album featuring some killer riffs. The track “Strike Hard, Strike Fast” is a prime example of ragging thrash metal. Listening to this 2:47 track is kind of like getting run over by a pack of rhinos that are running late for an extremely important meeting. With a perfect balance of technical and thrash elements “Pandemonium’s Rise” is kind of like a massive hurricane. It will batter you senseless and just when you think it’s letting up you realize it’s just the eye of the storm and soon the band is back blowing you away harder than before.

Anyone looking to get into some badass technical thrash should definitely look into Paranorm. “Pandemonium’s Rise” is the kind of album that will be on repeat for the next several weeks and will be a staple in your playlist for years to come. Simply put you need this release. The band is being kind enough and giving the album away as a download via their Facebook page. Make sure you take advantage of this generosity and as always tell all your friends about the great band Paranorm for Sweden.

Overall: 9.5/10

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