United Kingdom of THRASH!

The UK thrash scene has always been extremely underrated and it’s a god damn shame. The scene features great bands like Onslaught, Acid Reign, Xentrix, Sabbat, Evile, Gama Bomb, Bludvera, Desolator and Suicide Watchand that’s just to name a few. Of course there are many others, and just like other large scenes of thrash metal the UK scene is full of bands who write memorable songs that bring attention to a variety of real life issues such as corrupt government, out of control religions and the misfortunes of everyday life. On the other hand the scene features bands whose lyrics are about not so relevant issues such as zombies, drinking beer and partying all night. Regardless of lyrical content one thing is for certain, the UK thrash metal scene is just as good as the Bay Area and German scenes and should be praised just as much.

It’s unfortunate that Sabbat only released a few albums and that Onslaught are just making it to North America for the first time this Spring in their 30 year history. It sucks that Acid Reign and Xentrix were extremely underrated and overlooked. Unfortunately that’s the story for most of the ‘80s UK thrash bands, and again it’s a god damn shame.

However, nearly 30 years later and there’s a New Wave of Thrash Metal and two UK bands are at the forefront. Evile and Gama Bomb are successful on a global scale and show no signs of slowing down; in fact they just keep getting better and better. Bands like Bludvera, Desolator and Suicide Watch are representing not just how good UK thrash can be but how good thrash can be in general. The UK scene was never one to ignore and with new bands emerging everyday it’s one that cannotbe ignored any longer.

Again this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many great bands from the UK it’s hard to keep track. So do yourselves a favor and pay attention to this underrated and ever growing scene.

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