REVIEW: ScornForger- Neighbors Are Livin’ Dead

I really like this band from the French Riviera called ScornForger. This band was brought to my attention by a post by the bands vocalist on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook page. ScornForger released their debut album last year entitled “Neighbors Are Livin’ Dead” and it’s a really solid release. Some of you might have heard a track off the album on YouTube entitled “Thrash Till You Puke.” This track really shows the creativity and passion the members of this band have for thrash metal. ScornForgers first album has a melodic feel to it, fear not though the band still hits you as hard as a meteorite falling to the earth. Great riffs are the band signature, and the beauty is the band isn’t afraid to mix things up. The entire album has some really nice variety to it and the track “Blood Countess” features breakdowns that are borderline progressive. While listening to ScornForger it’s hard to stay still, you just want to bang your head and “Nuclear Leak” will get your whole body into it and for me that’s not an easy thing to do. As you know vocals are an important part to any band, and this vocalist does not disappoint. At some points he hits lows that will make even the most seasoned death metal vocalist green with envy and throughout the album he is all over the place. Overall this album is a great find and one that a lot of people will thoroughly enjoy. “Neighbors Are Livin’ Dead” features great vocals, gnarly riffs and some thunderous drumming. So if you’re interested in purchasing the album (and you should be) the band is willing to mail a copy anywhere around the world for only 10 Euros. Get in touch with the band at scornforger@hotmail.frfor further information and as always help spread the word about these French thrashers.

Overall: 8/10

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