Sad News About Merciless Death.

This is sad news, Merciless Death have officially ended. The band made the announcement yesterday via their Facebook page. This is one of the first new wave thrash bands l ever got into; Evil in the Night is a great album and will always hold a special place in my heart. The band played no holds bar thrash metal and did it with complete passion and with intensity that thrash fans around the world admired. Although these LA thrashers only released two albums the significance of this band should not be underrated. Merciless Death should be considered a classic band as far as the new wave of thrash is concerned. Both new and old fans of thrash metal knew who Merciless Death were and how great they played the genre of music we all love. The band was made up of three young guys who knew their shit and had an extreme passion for what they did. I really don’t like talking in the past tense about these musicians; it saddens me beyond belief to do so. The only thing I have left to say is I hope these guys don’t give up, I hope they get together in the future and continue to make killer music. For now though let’s all blast some Merciless Death and keep the spirit alive.

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