Fast, Aggressive and Uncompromisinly Heavy: The SUICIDAL ANGELS Way.

Suicidal Angels are perhaps one of my favorite bands, period. Unfortunately they aren’t too popular here in the States, and with this post I intend to change that (or at least make more people aware of them.) The band “thrashes till death and then some” and honestly show no signs of stopping. Suicidal Angels have already experienced great success in Europe and I hope one day they can bring their act overseas so the rest of the world can enjoy this band as well. Their last several albums have ripped my head off completely and like a can of Pringles once you pop their album into your stereo the fun doesn’t stop. As cheesy as that may sound that’s the only way to describe the listening experience that Suicidal Angels bring to the table. With relevant lyrical topics mixed in with some brutal themes that you would expect from a band like this the words fast, aggressive and uncompromisingly heavy are just a few ways to describe the approach of these Greek thrashers. “Bloodbath” the band’s latest album has yet to be released here in the states but will be available on iTunes on February 7th. I simply can’t wait for this release date, if I could build a time machine and travel to the future to acquire this album I would. The band has released several tracks off the upcoming release, and from what I hear thus far this maybe one of my favorite albums of the year. I think a lot of people who are unaware of these guys would absolutely love them. So if you haven’t done so already check out Suicidal Angels, they’re a great band who are not just the future of thrash but the future of metal in general.

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